Booth 3 Downloads and Release Notes

Booth 3 Downloads and Release Notes

Important: Microsoft has discontinued support of Windows 7 and 8, therefore Darkroom can no longer support these operating systems. For best results, please update to Windows 10. Windows 7 & 8 Patch
Video Features: All video related features such as slow motion, burst animation, GIF, as well as emailing and texting video require the free utility ffmpeg be installed separately. Download ffmpeg

Trial Mode: If you would like to try out Darkroom Booth or use an unlicensed copy to design, click the download button below and install Booth. When you launch the software, skip the activation and the software will go into trial mode.  In trial mode, Booth is not time limited but does watermark any prints or email output with our logo and video recording is disabled. You can create, edit and layout screen and print templates with the trial for use on an activated version and the watermark will be removed.

Booth 3.0.976 (9/23/2021)
Download Booth 3.0.976

    • An issue where mp4 video did not send through the built in email server
    • An issue where link to was not sent correctly by carrier selection text

    Booth 3.0.973 (9/08/2021)
    Download Booth 3.0.973

    • New built in driver for the Sinfonia CS2 printer
    • An issue where Canon Powershot cameras were no longer detected
    • An issue when using credits with a payment acceptor a free session could result
    • Issue with background sound not playing when slideshow is play over a network
    • Fixes the issue when using Darkroom's email server for SMS by email

    Booth 3.0.968 (8/04/2021)
    Download Booth 3.0.968

    • New built in email server (you can use this as a way to send email without needing to set up your own email)
      • You can still use your own email if you prefer
      • You can set a from and reply too with your own info
    • New start booth test for functioning email account to let you know your own email may have an issue.

    Booth 3.0.964 (7/15/2021)
    Download Booth 3.0.964

    • Canon EOS M50 Mark II
    • DNP QW410 direct driver

    Booth 3.0.943 (2/2/2021)
    Download Booth 3.0.943


    1. An issue with Dropbox compatibility

    Booth 3.0.942 (12/7/2020)
    Download Booth 3.0.942


    • Fixes and issue with using a DSLR and a webcam to scan QR codes for the Touchless Booth feature.

    Booth 3.0.936 (8/6/2020)
    Download Booth 3.0.936


    • An issue where a gif animation checkbox did not stay checked visually although it did work correctly
    • An issue where 2 or more email accounts listed in Global settings caused a send issue with the selected account
    • An issue where changing the Description line in email settings after an event was setup could result in emails not sending

    Booth 3.0.932 (06/18/2020)
    Download Booth v3.0.932


    • additional functions to QR code to start to include
      • Color, B&W, Sepia and Retro selections
      • Burst GIF and Video
    • Added QR code URL customization to include only features offered in the current event
    • Added a Printing phase to Device control to better allow control of Mirror booth videos
    • adds an option of a text string to display when playing back video


    • An issue with incorrect videos playing if Review photo was used and cancel was selected


    • Video preview moved to Video tab and defaulted to ON
    • Gif Animation preview moved to Video tab as well as Text tab and defaulted to ON
    • Animation Preview no longer requires Video preview also be checked
    • Allow Video to be emailed setting moved to Video tab and defaulted to ON

    Booth 3.0.923 (06/03/2020)

    1. QR Code to Start.  Learn more

    Booth 3.0.899 (12/11/2019)

    1. QR code link in Booth control menu to open the menu on phones and tablets
    1. An issue where incorrect email settings could cause a crash
    2. An issue where a entering less than 10 digits in a phone number could cause a crash
    3. An issue where an improper error message was displayed when a Mitsubishi printer was off line with the built in driver

    Booth 3.0.885 (11/05/2019)

    1. Smarter printer detection with built in drivers
    2. Support for the latest Canon SDK (cameras included in this SDK*)
      1. EOS RP
      2. EOS Rebel SL3
      3. Powershot G7X Mark III
      4. Powershot G5X Mark II
      5. PowerShot SX70 HS
      6. EOS M6 Mark II
      7. EOS 90D
      8. EOS M200
    1. Issue with bleed on some print sizes on Mitsubishi printers built in drivers
    2. Issue with printing extra copies with Mitsubishi printers

    Booth 3.0.879 (10/31/2019)

    1. Simpler way to edit or add the event name and date for
    2. A new “Get link” option to generate a QR code or URL to the gallery on
    3. An “Upload” button that allows posting a test or sample image to the event on
    4. Changed the outline option in Chroma key to allow both around the subject as well as the full image

    Booth 3.0.878 (10/28/2019)

    1. Corrects an issue where a reprint caused a repost to the gallery
    2. Corrects a date issue with gallery posting

    Booth 3.0.871 (9/07/2019)

    1. Event Gallery integration
    2. Twillio no longer requires a Dropbox account
    3. Built in drivers for Mitsubishi printers
    1. Corrected issue where all videos were converted to MP4
    2. Corrected an issue with MP4 file size set to phone
    3. Corrected the Cancel button if used with an attract video
    4. Fixed an incorrect error message in the video tab “parameter incorrect”

    Booth 3.0.840 (3/12/2019)

    1. Number of photos taken now matches template selection when using Alternate Print
    2. Videos added in Device control includes a setting for which monitor to play back on
    3. Slideshow now allows setting which monitor to play on when you have more than 2
    4. Browse window now returns to the last used location
    5. Review screen cycle button that will rotate images through the photo nodes
    6. Set number of photos taken based on the template
    7. Supports for adding an intro and exit video to slow motion and regular video
    8. Supports adding a soundtrack to slow motion and regular video
    9. Supports video backgrounds and overlays with chroma-key for slow motion and regular video
    10. Supports GIF backgrounds and overlays with chroma-key for slow motion and regular video
    11. Audio soundtrack added to a video may be looped
    12. Video foreground or background added by template to a video may be looped
    1. Choosing.GIF for Facebook and Twitter reverted to .MP4
    2. Cancel button missing in Review Photo screen when Doodle was checked
    3. Issues with switching from Photo session to video session with the Canon M50
    4. DNP paper remaining updated to match new DNP firmware changes
    5. fix for issue with sending multiple images in different emails to a single iPhone email client

    Booth 3.0.820 (12/12/2018)

    1. New Twillio setup
    2. New Canon cameras ( Canon EOS R)
    3. New Nikon Cameras (D850, D7500, Z7)
    1. Skip video button now works
    2. Copy originals 2  remains checked if both are checked and you exit and reopen
    3. 2x6 and 4x6 Alt print does the correct number of copies now
    4. Issue when Review photo was unchecked leaving edit and doodle checked
    5. Foreign language text did not appear correct in a Survey
    6. Adding a template to a Slideshow mix in did not work
    7. Corrected menu in Windows 7
    8. Close html attract mode or html start screen if # of start credits starts session
    9. Crash when in Photos or Prints tab and click new event
    10. Issue when using Photo Review and Special Winner together
    11. Issue when setting multiple videos in device control to cycle it reverts to random
    12. .jpeg file extension did not work with mix in folders in SS
    13. Updated Facebook API
    14. Issue with indirect Twillio post
    15. User Post to Facebook changed to indirect due to a change in Facebook policy

    Build 3.0.802 (04/20/2018)

    1. Multiple videos added in device control does not save
    2. IOS for still Photo reverting to the video setting if a video session is canceled
    3. Using the Signature feature caused a crash in some cases

    Build 3.0.799 (04/17/2018)

    1. Nikon D7500 D850
    2. Canon 6D Mk II, Kiss X9 Rebel SL2, EOS 200D, EOS M50, Kiss X90, Rebel T7, EOS 2000D, Rebel T100, EOS 4000D
    3. New Creative mode options for Virtual props and doodle and proof display
    1. Issue with Carrier select screen being smaller than before
    2. Issue with Survey from template added to burst causing a Core prompt to pop up
    3. Video added to after photo skipped
    4. Issue with embedded Alt Print resulting in blank display or out of memory error
    5. Burst not emailing from main screen
    6. File browser not displaying after deleting a video from Device control
    7. Issue with asking for PIN code on first run after install
    8. Issue with templates added to email 1 and 2 not embedded correctly
    9. An issue when using Alt print and skip where the copies prompt still comes up
    10. Quiz mode fails to prompt for users initials.
    11. Issue when reviewing a and session and cancel didn’t cancel email if a different template was added
    12. Issue with Favorite Photo feature failing if the prompt was set to before session
    13. Burst and video templates not embedding correctly with a Booth Theme
    14. Standard animation template not embedded correctly in Booth Theme

    Build 3.0.786 (03/27/2018)

    1. Simpler, more finger friendly interface
    2. Share Mode (share images to a phone with no internet)
    3. Booth Themes
    4. Custom email @_____ on keyboard
    5. Creative mode (Doodle, virtual props and edit photo)
    6. 2nd Copy Originals option (like we have for email and save output)
    7. Software adjustment for the “take photo” time on the countdown
    8. Allow hiding and resize of Event Tree
    9. Improve MP4 animation output
    10. User creatable filters with 6 new filters included
    11. Support for entering international phone numbers
    12. New Manage Album layout for small phone screens
    13. Support for 5x5 square prints using 5x7 media with our built in driver for the DS620
    14. Support for 6x6 square prints using 6x8 media with our built in driver for the DS620, DS40 and RX-1
    15. New sample event with mirror animations included (both vertical and horizontal)
    16. Improved ability to embed images in HTML for emails
    1. Issue with input location on some monitor resolutions
    2. Relocated PIN code setting to Global Settings
    3. Issue with Twillio fail to send if not configured to respond
    4. Issue where email set to mandatory still showed the cancel button
    5. Issue with foreign characters in Text options
    6. Issue where text from kiosk using carrier select also required email be checked as well
    7. Issue where an apostrophe in attract mode text caused a script error
    8. Issue where email in survey set to mandatory still showed the cancel button

    Build 3.0.738 (11/29/2017)

    1. New range of activation codes

    Build 3.0.737 (11/21/2017)
    1. Random video and sound with weighting option
    1. An issue with playing random videos
    2. Inability to delete videos added
    3. An issue with printing a date entered in the survey

    Build 3.0.732 (11/06/2017)
    1. Ability to add random sounds in Device Control
    2. Ability to add random videos in Device Control
    1. Pressing the Enter key when at the Doodle Screen caused a crash
    2. CTRL keys like CTRL R to reprint now work when a video is playing
    3. Flip PNG files with transparency would fail
    4. Retake after last photo now works correctly
    5. Using email prompt at the end along with Copy originals no longer delays the print
    6. Removing an Instagram account now works correctly
    7. 5x8 prints now print correctly to a Fuji DX100
    8. Photo to phone using carrier selection now allows MP4

    Build 3.0.728 (10/20/2017)
    1. An issue that was in 3.0.726 where imbedded sounds would not play

    Build 3.0.726 (10/18/2017)
    1. Both regular and slow motion video can have a template added including chroma key and overlays
    2. All settings for an event can be saved and imported within a screen template
    3. Doodle can now set pen width as well as color
    1. A script error in the slideshow when selecting a transition effect
    2. An issue with copy and burn that always did full size

    Build 3.0.718 (10/02/2017)
    1. Countdown timer added for signature and doodle at end of session
    2. Added pen color selection for doodle
    1. An issue where bold and italic didn’t always save with some fonts
    2. Doodle preview orientation when the camera was set to vertical
    3. No email prompt when burst was set to mp4 and using a webcam
    4. Fonts used on a shape object may not draw correctly
    5. Fixed the issue with email subject and body being incorrect
    6. fixed Facebook warning (SECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password
    7. Hang when using a Canon T5i or similar Canon camera
    8. email .csv not being written
    9. Send text messages to Cricket wireless when sent via email
    10. Custom controls for booth control can be deleted and re-arranged
    11. Choose templates buttons display correctly on smaller screens
    12. Improved error messages and logging

    Build 3.0.706 (09/05/2017)
    1. Sending text messages to T-Mobile phone number by carrier selection

    Build 3.0.704 (08/29/2017)
    1. Support for Photoshop droplets
    2. Support for Canon 6D Mark II and the SL2
    3. Added template store direct link
    4. Warning message if you select Facebook or Dropbox post with no account setup
    1. Reprint from kiosk
    2. Optimized preview loading in the Prints tab
    3. Animation preview coming up even when turned off
    4. Carrier select not displaying correctly in some browsers
    5. Animation preview retake not restarting live view correctly
    6. MP4 animation in kiosk when using an iPad
    7. When set to video only with Facebook prompt it does so twice
    8. Contest Winner set to both only the winner saved to Prints tab

    Build 3.0.698 (08/01/2017)
    1. If only 1 output option is selected then go direct to enter info prompt
    2. Change default time for Burst from 10 to 4 seconds
    3. Added Burst sessions to Stats
    4. Added Winners to Stats
    5. Added new device control states for Booth Lock and unlock
    1. Issue with Burst if Preview was disabled
    2. Facebook User post set to after session would double post
    3. Setting Allow video to be emailed in the camera tab had no affect
    4. With Facebook User post was enabled with prompt after session and no pause in Live view the post did not work

    Build 3.0.689 (06/21/2017)
    1. Device control settings for each event
    2. Added new Canon cameras
    3. Added new Nikon cameras
    4. New device control states for video countdown, recording start/end, and lock/unlock booth
    5. Now supports sending video by Twillio
    1. Corrects a misreported version in 3.0.683
    2. Preview dialog did not draw foreign characters correctly
    3. Hashtag harvest set to any age only harvested the last few images only
    4. Upgrade Dropbox support to V2.x API
    5. Improved preview video size with animated or video sessions
    6. Fixes an issue with the DX100 print driver
    7. Fixes a character limit on HTML messages added to email

    Build 3.0.683 (05/30/2017)
    1. Option to output animation and burst as either MP4 or GIF
    2. Option to ask Yes/No to Facebook post and change text
    1. Incorrect error message when no activations are available
    2. Animation issue when Live view did not have a pause set
    3. Video added to Attract did not always loop correctly
    4. If you had Doodle enabled Burst did not email
    5. Burst posted to Facebook was in an incorrect file format
    6. Using videos for a mirror style booth and doodle caused the doodle screen to come up after end video
    7. Removed Rotate option in Signature that should not be there
    8. Incorrect label in Alternate print command was changed from Copies to Template Index
    9. Due to a Dropbox limitation videos are not allowed using Twillio. Carrier select works fine
    10. Add input Icon incorrectly appeared in the Print template editor and was removed
    11. Right clicking on an event or attempting to create a new event caused a crash
    12. Excessive reload or flashing in Slideshow in Basic mode
    13. Crash when using an effects layer rotated in a template

    Build 3.0.667 (04/18/2017)
    1. Print doodling – Draw anywhere on a preview of the photo strip
    2. Ability to set manual exposure for Video separate from still photos
    3. Global event lock to prevent settings changes
    1. Garbled dialog box text on bill changer support
    2. Copy Originals Animations boomerang settings does not stay checked
    3. Standard GIF post to Facebook fixed
    4. Standard GIF boomerang fixed
    5. Standard GIF preview fixed
    6. Issue where video did not transfer if using manual exposure and External flash compensation combined

    Build 3.0.662 (04/03/2017)
    1. Burst Mode/Boomerang with Chroma-key Support
    2. Post GIFs and Videos to Facebook
    3. Add Custom Template to Facebook Posts
    4. Print Signing
    5. Type-a-Note on Prints
    6. Multi Monitor Support
    7. Send Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram Ready Files
    8. Custom Booth Lock Screens
    9. Built in Support for Bill Acceptors
    10. Booth Photo Book PDF Output
    11. Simple Boomerang GIF Setup
    12. Post VR 180 and 360 Images to Facebook
    13. Auto Prompt Text Entry
    14. Include Survey/Quiz Entries in Print Templates
    15. Auto Image Cropping
    16. Auto Head Placement
    17. Full Support for Panoramic Sizes on DNP DS620 and 820 Printers
    18. Custom Keyboard/Prompt Placement
    19. Hashtag Printing from a Kiosk with Custom Template

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