Booth 2024 Downloads & Release Notes

Booth 2024 Downloads & Release Notes

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  1. Attract Text displays properly  (previously it did not display, save, or update when switching between events)Darkroom Phone now shows in list of social media accounts
  2. Clicking the Darkroom Phone account shows whether or not maintenance plan is active and has a Renew button if less than 90 days remain
  3. Darkroom Email, Darkroom Phone, and Event Gallery are sorted to top of accounts list. other accounts are left as added
  4. Settings page indicates correct settings tab Output vs Screen
  5. Per session overrides for Copy Originals, Save Output, and
  6. The current graphic list positions are saved correctly after a Booth Edit when an Alternate Print Template was selected
  7. Fixed crash if you clicked out of Device Control entry with an empty list
  8. Enhanced robustness for changes to Windows OS
  9. Removes duplicate warning if no printers are attached and both primary and alternate print choices are available
  10. Clicking a screen template button which has a Device Control command list but not a Booth Command will no longer also execute the event's left mouse button action
  11. The event's left-click action is ignored while videos are playing.  The video should be configured for cancel/skip if desired.
  12. When editing template objects, the settings tree now displays the Sound Effect before the Booth Command to match the order in which those actions occur.
  13. System Info says "Current License" or "Previous License" depending on whether license is still valid
  14. Warning displayed if maintenance plan has expired but event is configured to use Darkroom Phone or Darkroom Email
  15. Improved handling for internet not being available when starting Booth Mode.  Send to Phone, Email, and other internet services get retried periodically or may be resubmitted via the Session History.
  16. When entering a phone number or email address, the keyboard/touchpad activity timeout after each keystroke was increased to 30-seconds from 15-seconds. .
  17. When entering a phone number, the comma is not displayed unless an additional phone number is typed.  Also the phone number is formatted as it is typed.
  18. When entering a phone number the cursor position sometimes moved if you clicked to insert text into the middle of the edit field.
  19. North American dialing plan phone numbers are more strictly checked.  Numbers must be in form Nxx-Nxx-xxxx where N is between 2 and 9 and x is between 0 and 9.
  20. If an error is displayed due to invalid phone number or email address, the Email/Phone entry timer is reset so that you have the full time again.
  21. If the Email or Phone entry screen timer expires, any valid input is now accepted e.g. if a person walks off without clicking Done after typing their email or phone number.

  • Session History allows editing template text to allow correction of template mistakes for reprinting.  For example, misspelled a name or date wrong, you can search, correct and resend
  • Session History allows changing email/phone providers so that messages can be resent.  This is helpful if messages are not going out through your current provider you can switch to DR email or Phone.
  • Session History allows searching for specific email or phone number.  e.g. to find a particular session to resend.
  • Able to play multiple videos consecutively from one Device Control command list. 
  • Catches more cases of invalid North American phone numbers to help more guests receive their photos.
  • Allows selection between Darkroom Phone and Twilio account if both are available. No need to remove your account to use the DR phone
  • Refreshes sessions history if a different event was selected while sessions tab was not shown.
  • Improved monitoring and recovery from media errors while printing to certain DNP printers.
  • Improved Session History previews.
  • Improved queueing an event without internet access.  Email and phone messages are saved and can be sent later using the Session History tab
  • Better messaging and more options available if no internet connection is available when you start Booth Mode.


  1. Batch delete of old events
  2. Original videos appear in OriginalsTab
  3. Processed videos appear in ProcessedTab
  4. Darkroom Phone - integrated send to Text message without a Twilio account
  5. Screen and Print template Designer now has an aspect ratio readout to easily match aspect ratio of the live view and output
  6. New Sessions tab showing all items in a session and allowing reprint and resend of session items individually or in batches
  7. Added Canon R6 Mk II and Powershot V10

  1. Improved defaults for Send to print.  Max copies defaults to 6 and remembers the last used
  2. year 2024 was added to make it more clear the age the build being used
  3. %gallery% and resolve to the Event Gallery image URL for images uploaded to Event Gallery
  4. DNP 820 with 8-inch media accepts 5x7 print sizes
  5. updates for Nikon Z6, Z7, D780
  6. autofocus-before-session for Nikon Cameras which do not support autofocus while in live view
  7. Improved handling of event gallery URLs where some characters are replaced by dashes.
  8. Color effect on object only now works in combination with dropouts. 
  9. Deleting an event moves all event files to Recycle Bin
  10. Events restored from recycle bin can be restored in application by simply refreshing the event tree
  11. Unable to load catalog warning now defaults to NO (do not delete)
  12. Video quality can now be configured in the app for Canon cameras which support this setting.
  13. Fixes rare problem where restarting application after a failure may have resulted in some resumed prints not getting translated into the session language.  
  14. Improved message for cancelling out of template editor
  15. Online fix for handling international characters sent through integrated Darkroom Email.  Previously, certain characters resulted in unable-to-send email errors.
  16. Fix for temporarily generated GIF files not being deleted after previewing
  17. Improved handling of expired Trial license codes

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