Darkroom Core & Pro 9.3 Downloads and Release Notes

Darkroom Core & Pro 9.3 Downloads and Release Notes

Important: Microsoft has discontinued support of Windows 7 and 8, therefore Darkroom can no longer support these operating systems. For best results, please update to Windows 10.
Trial Mode: If you install Darkroom Core but do not license it it will enter trial mode. This is a helpful option to see how the software functions before you make your purchase. While in trial mode camera detection, networking,  printing, sharing and saving templates are disabled.

Maintenance Plan: Darkroom Pro and Core 9.3 includes 1 year of software updates and support, also called your software maintenance plan. An additional year of updates and support (maintenance) is $95 for for Darkroom Core Edition and $195 for Darkroom Pro. When your maintenance plan expires, your software will continue to function, but you will not have access to support or the latest versions. If your maintenance has been expired for more than a year, the upgrade price goes to $295 for Core and $495 for Pro.

Features Added In 9.3

  1. Support for remove.bg
  2. Drag and drop auto insert image placement in Panoramic and multi-image templates
  3. Auto camera detection
  4. Command hot folder adds template and text addition to Pro and AE
  5. Support for Photoshop droplets
  6. Camera Control
  7. Darkroom Email Server
  8. Postmark Email Service
  9. Scan QR codes on Quick Import - (big time saver!)
  10. Support for Darkroom QR Code Helper
  11. Activation Codes for Pro - Eliminates need for hardware key (dongle)
  12. Dropbox is no longer required to send a text message via Twilio

Build 9.3.2833 (10/04/23)
Assembly 9.3.2833



  • Canon R50 R100 and R8 support
  • Citizen Printer drivers with panoramic print support
  • support for DNP and Citizen panoramic prints to 6x9 ink sheet
  • Ability to edit EXIF User Comment from Image Properties
  • Data in EXIF User Comment can now be accessed using template text variables
  • Application's install version history now recorded and displayed in System Information


  • Replacement of variables within HTML email body work correctly
  • Extra image color properly adjusted for certain minilab printers
  • Excludes certain EXIF image attributes such as orientation, width, height, color profile, and original preview from being copied into rasterized files
  • Improvement to printing to Noritsu minilabs to send original order as a single printer order when possible.
  • Improved performance and Improved handling of flipped/rotated images passed to remove.bg
  • Improved support for Office365 email accounts
  • Apple iPhone images which contain an invalid orientation after being cropped on phone
  • Cases where Photo Number was not showing on Multi-photo Workshop page
  • More clear way to disable display of image EXIF data
  • Improved bleed support for Noritsu minilabs
  • Resolves paper condition setup issue for Fujifilm LP5700 minilab
  • Fixes issue where QR Code scanning was not always enabled as requested


Assembly Edition
  • Attribute defaults for new jobs are properly set from custom system defaults for named client stations
  • Fix for cases where email and phone numbers may have been mismatched when printing one job while also editing another job

Build 9.3.2791 (03/09/23)
Assembly 9.3.2791


  • Corrected an issue with QR code sub events when used with existing sub events.
  • Corrected an issue QR codes sub events work properly when used in desktop folders
  • An issue if you captured a photo with tethered camera into a desktop folder which was empty (no images) an error message was generated
  • Fixes a rare rotation issue that could occur on images that were color corrected using PerfectlyClear then dropped out using remove.bg

Build 9.3.2788 (03/01/23)



  • Shinko printer files installed to correct folder
  • an issue adding EG to a package
  • an issue with moving Packages up and down occasionally displaying contents incorrectly
  • a problem with blur effect objects placed close to template boundaries
  • package setup automatically expands package group when clicked on
  • Command folder Handles Auto input command files with different text file encoding (allows for international characters)
  • Workshop page main image gets updated after Import Photos
  • Postmark / Darkroom email adjusts image quality if image is too large to send


  • QR code import allows the characters in image filenames:  & + , '   (ampersand, plus, comma, and single-quote)
  • QR code import: better handling of high-res images by improving image load speed when scanning for QR Codes.  Improved QR Code detection for cases where exposure of QR Code image is not ideal.
  • Full refresh of Catalog tree on library page if an image import adds subfolders (via QR Code commands)
  • AE: updates the EXIF data shown on the Workshop page if a new image is captured with a tethered camera.  Previously, if shooting into a student not previously assigned, the status there stayed "no photo assigned"

Build 9.3.2742 (10/31/22)
  1. Supports http QR-Codes
  2. Fix for handling HTML message body when using Postmark email
  3. Improvements for Fujifilm LP9700
  4. Support for myphotoinfo.com QR-Code builder for generating codes to use when capturing photos untethered

Added to Assembly Edition
  1. Photo EXIF data display is updated when new images are captured with a tethered camera

Build 9.3.2736 (9/12/22)
  1. Allows variables in Digital download folder and filename
  2. Remove.bg foreground types  (defaults to person)
  3. Color picker
  4. QR Code scan on Quick Import
  1. Issue with dongle upgrades
  2. Better recovery if an email could not go out due to the account credentials being wrong, it properly retries when you correct and then push test button in setup
  3. 2 3.5x5 on 5x7 media cut for DS620
  4. QR Code scan on Quick Import
  5. Media remaining  correction for DNP DS40, DS80 and RX1

Build  9.30.2711 (07/12/2022)


  1. Built in Darkroom email server (must be within a maintenance plan)
  2. Postmark email service
  3. Fujifilm LP9700 wet lab (Pro only)

Build  9.30.2682 (06/20/2022)


  • Adds ability to search by EXIF Comment + Copyright, just EXIF Comment (existing feature) or just EXIF Copyright.  Now fully supports Canon and Nikon images using Foolography tagging device.
    • Using a barcode scanner will automatically search based on the last used search field, so it would work with Foolography images
  • Adds all menu options for showing Exif Comment and/or Copyright on Library Page and Workshop Page
  • Allows variables in Digital Media output folder and filename format; allows string replacement in folder name

  • Fixes specification of metric print sizes in Auto Input Command files.  Also allows "cm" suffix to be used
  • fixes an issue where Find Next and Find Previous (the two arrow buttons beside the Find Image on Library Page) were not working (affected by a change March 2022).  Now Find Next / Find Prev continue through other images which may also satisfy the search.
  • fixes crash when Sinfonia CS2 and Ciaat Brava 21 drivers are both enabled AND either printer model is attached.  You still cannot use both at the same time, but you can freely swap between the two between runs of the application


Build  9.30.2676 (05/06/2022)
Pro 9.30.2676
Assembly 9.30.2676

  1. Fuji ASK300 printer support
  2. Support added for new Canon cameras
    1. EOS R3
    2. PowerShot G5X Mark II
    3. PowerShot G7X Mark III
    4. PowerShot SX70 HS
  3. Added 10x12.5 print size (same aspect ratio as 8x10 for 10-inch roll)
  4. Added Copy Exif Data setting to raster printers and Generic Roll Printer
  1. Improved Supported Cameras list
  2. Added Copy Exif Data setting to raster printers and Generic Roll Printer
  3. Err 70 problem on Canon R6
  4. Auto-detects camera attachment even if on setup pages
  5. Improved Windows 11 licensing

Build  9.30.2651 (12/08/2021)
Pro 9.30.2651
Assembly 9.30.2651

  1. Camera Control
    • Option to save to card and import which allows for a preview on camera.
    • With Canon shooting RAW+jpg leaves the RAW on the card and only imports the JPG. (Nikon still imports both for now)
    • Save settings and auto restore camera settings


  1. Color profiles were not correctly applied with some printer in Windows 10

Build  9.30.2641 (10/05/2021)
Pro 9.30.2641
Assembly 9.30.2641

  • Built-in Driver for the DNP QW410
  • Searching in the Photo Workshop selected the thumbnail but image was not displayed in the main window
  • An issue with data naming on export in AE

Build  9.30.2639 (09/08/2021)


  • New built in driver for Sinfonia CS2

Build  9.30.2635 (08/05/2021)
Assembly 9.30.2635


  • Miscellaneous issues in regard to Remove.bg and image editing
  • Various error messages regarding upgrades clarified

Build  9.30.2624 (07/08/2021)
Assembly 9.30.2624


  • Resolved several issues when using remove.bg

Build  9.30.2619 (06/22/2021)

Assembly 9.30.2619


  • New icon to indicate image was processed by remove.bg


  • Image attributes (color correction, exposure, rotation, etc.) work correctly on images processed with remove.bg
  • Speed keys Tab and ` now work correctly in Photo Workshop


Build  9.30.2615 (06/16/2021)

  1. Corrected display of remove.bg icon in AE

Build  9.30.2611 (06/03/2021)

  1. Minor bug fixes to the auto-upgrade process

Build  9.30.2606 (06/01/2021)

Core 9.30.2606

New features

  1. Support for remove.bg
  2. Drag and drop auto insert image placement in Panoramic and multi-image templates
  3. Auto camera detection
  4. Command hot folder adds template and text addition to Pro and AE
  5. Support for Photoshop droplets
  6. Activation Codes for Pro - Eliminates need for hardware key (dongle)
  7. Dropbox is no longer required to send a text message via Twilio

Upgrade Instructions
Darkroom Core and Pro version 9.3 was released on June 1, 2021. If you are within your one-year maintenance and support window (purchased 9.2 after June 1, 2020), then you are eligible for a free upgrade - download version 9.3 and follow the prompts to install. If you purchased or upgraded a dongle after June 1, 2020 please email support@darkroomsoftware.com with a copy of your proof of purchase for upgrade instructions. If you purchased 9.2 before June 1, 2020 or if you have an older version, you can purchase an upgrade from within your Darkroom Core or Pro software. To start the upgrade process download and install version 9.3 and follow the prompts. Your computer will need an internet connection to complete the payment process.

Upgrade pricing for Darkroom Core
9.2 to 9.3 = $295
9.1 to 9.3 = $495
Upgrade pricing for Darkroom Pro
9.2 to 9.3 = $495
9.1 to 9.3 = $1395

If you need additional assistance please email support@darkroomsoftware.com or during business hours call 214-390-3258 and leave a message and a support specialist will contact you (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm Central)

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