How do I use the template selection (Print Alternate) option?

How do I use the template selection (Print Alternate) option?

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In the Main settings section, you can choose “Print Alternate” and add up to 50 different templates that the customer can choose from an on-screen menu. There are many variations possible and if you leave the main print unchecked it will add a “skip print” option to the selection. If you use the template selection at the beginning of the session it will display the templates with the sample images. If you do it at the end of the session it will use the actual images from that session. You can also use a mix of 2x6 and 4x6 templates and with built in drivers it will switch automatically for cut or no cut.

There are many possible variations with this feature. For example, if you uncheck the normal print option and add one or more templates to the alternate and set that to prompts at the end you will get a preview with the session photos with each template and an option to skip printing and start over.

1. Check Print Alternate (see item 1 below)

2. Options to choose from: (see Item 2 below)
  • Print for every session - this will print both the default template and the selected alternate template for every session. If both are 2x6 and you set 1 copy in the main tab they will be combined to 1 set or 1 2x6 of each.
  • Prompt for user to choose at start of session - This will display a choose menu with all select template for them to select on a touch screen. You can mix template sizes such as 2x6 and 4x6 as long as you have a printer that can print that. You can also use multiple printers to do a wider selection of sizes such as a 2x6 and a 6x8. The template images will include images from the samples folder if the prompt is before the session.
  • Prompt for the user to choose at the end of session - All of the same as before the session but instead of the sample images it will use the actual images from the session
3. Add the templates to choose here (see item 3 below) - you can added up to 50 templates in this list

4. If more templates are selected than will fit on screen Booth will display right and left arrows to scroll

5. The templates are displayed as they will look when printed including with green screen. If selection is before the session it will use sample images and if after the actual images taken

6. You can replace the includes sample images with your own if you like. See this link for more information

Here is a free sample event to help you get started.

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